What I Learned from Going Viral

What I Learned from Going Viral

I’ve been working and participating in social media ministry at some capacity for the past 6 years. I’ve learned so much, and many good things have happened in that 6 years. I’ve had my posts and graphics (that I design myself) go viral many times. It’s an exciting feeling because it means my hard work paid off.

My goal in social media ministry is always to encourage people, equip people and share God’s love. If my post goes viral, it means I’m living out my purpose at a larger scale. So that makes me ridiculously happy!

I want to share with you what I learned this one time in particular when I went viral. I honestly didn’t even expect this post to go crazy viral like it did. The last time I checked, the post was eventually seen by over 5 million people (the screenshot below is a little old). FIVE. MILLION. PEOPLE. What? WOW. I was so excited. 

1. You don’t always get widespread recognition for the stuff you thought it would be. Sometimes it’s something silly that you never thought people would be that interested in. In my case it was this silly meme. Who would have thought people would love this that much.

2. Someone somewhere will always have something negative to say. No matter what.

You could post on social media about an organization that rescues children from slavery in a remote country in the world and someone would still have something negative to say.

Basically just do your best and ignore most of the criticism. As you can see, even though my post was harmless, and was shared over 48,000 times at this point, still 4 people un-liked my page, 580 hid my post, 173 hid all future posts from me, and I received comments on the post about how un-Christ-like it was of me because this monkey is clearly praying to the devil.

3. People will steal your stuff and claim it as their own. There’s not much you can do about it besides making sure your logo or your website is on every meme or graphic that you ever share and make sure to maintain your own inner peace.

I believe in using social media to share the message that God has given you. We would bee foolish not to use social media to share the Gospel. We have the largest mission field in the world at our fingertips.

Last month I hosted a webinar called Maximizing Your Impact on Social Media. It is now available on demand for anyone to watch.

This Saturday I am putting on a webinar called Graphics That Go Viral. I am going to teach how to easy it can be to make amazing graphics with no pricey programs and no complicated instructions. I will be sharing the keys to going viral.

The live airing of this webinar will be June 24 at 1 PM. Time is running out so make sure you register while there is still time. If you are not available to watch live, don’t worry. Once you’re registered you can watch at your earliest convenience, after it has aired live.

Thank you so much for your support of this ministry. You are amazing and I desire to make sure you succeed at ministry and thrive at life. I hope to see you at my webinar this Saturday because I know you will learn so much. I will have you making professional looking graphics by the end of the webinar!!

You are so going to rock this!

Hope your day is super. 

Be blissed,

Amber Picota


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