Your Promotion is in Disguise

Your Promotion is in Disguise

Promotion. Ah, how Daddy God must hear quite a lot from us Christians about promotion. We want promotion and all that it entails. We want the better pay, the better office, the better benefits. All of that would be so nice. I’m speaking metaphorically of course. We want our spiritual promotion and we want our lives improved for various reasons.

And quite frankly there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as we still want God more than anything else.

As long as you can be content and at peace with your current life, there’s nothing wrong with desiring promotion.

I pray for promotion because I see that it is only God who can promote me, I know that I am a servant leader who uses their influence to serve others, and I use my platform and influence to minister love to others. I mean sure, I want to feel the happiness of better pay and other natural blessings too. But ultimately, it’s about advancing the Kingdom. Everything else is extra.

As we are praying for promotion, often times we have a picture in our head of what it’s going to look like when God promotes us. Do you do this? Because I know I do? I will even go as far as to imagine the various scenarios by which God will orchestrate my answers to my prayers.

One thing is certain: IT NEVER HAPPENS AS PLANNED. lol. These fantasies in my head are fun, but it’s never really neat and clean like I imagine it to be.

God is all about surprising us and exceeding our expectations.

Promotion isn’t easy.

One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that most of the time, promotion isn’t even easy. Promotion is change and change comes with it’s own stress.

My husband and I have been talking for a year about buying a house. We’ve been renters for the full 10 years we’ve been married, and it’s only been in recent years that we’ve been discussing buying. We looked at several houses and considered some of our various options. We made the decision to wait at least one more year so that we could save enough to get into the price bracket of houses that we really wanted. 

The plan was to live in the house we currently rent for at least one more year. Until our landlord decided to sell. Ugh. What a huge damper that put on our plans of living here one more year. I even tried to talk them into renting for us just one more year before selling. We’ve been in this neighborhood 3 years and had no desire to move just yet. Moving is such a hassle! Moving isn’t fun. Moving stinks. You’ve got to rent a trailer, pack all your things into boxes, either find volunteers to help move things or pay some people to help. Just ew all the way around.


But we did start looking. We called our realtor friend to have him looking as well. We made some appointments to view a few places. I disliked all the places he was showing us. It seemed like there was no way to keep rent in a range we wanted and still have a big enough home to entertain guests and host parties (gift of hospitality is one of my strongest gifts so that’s super important to me).

One night it just hit me like a lightbulb blinking on: I SHOULD LOOK ON CRAIGSLIST! We ended up finding a house we really liked, but it ended up being a scam. Shortly after, we found another we liked and it seemed like such a good deal and an amazing find that surely this too was a scam.


Not only was it not a scam but it was extravagantly spacious and beautiful. It met all of our needs and many of our wishes! Seriously, there are certain things that we had hoped for in a house that were not necessities but rather just luxury things that we thought would be nice… Like double sinks in the master bathroom, a walk-in closet, a garden tub, an office space, a den area, a dishwasher, and so much more!!!

We did it, though.

We were able to secure this house, and in fact I’m currently sitting in a room full of boxes, as I type these words out.

I’m currently sitting in my dining room, surrounded by boxes, and the weird type of clutter that unavoidably gathers during the last leg of a move. You know, the stuff you find behind the couch and in the back of the closet. I can only find one pair of shoes because I think all the others are packed up.

Moving isn’t fun. It’s a pain in the neck.

The landlord asking us to move out was a problem. An inconvenience.

But God promoted us to a bigger and better house, in a better neighborhood, a quarter of a mile from a gorgeous lake with a sandy beach area. Seriously the reviews of the schools that my kids will be going to are absolutely stellar.


That’s the thing, so often the answer to the thing we are praying for comes originally as a problem.

A friend of mine who HATED her job called me one day terrified because she’d just lost her job. I looked her in the eyes and reminded her how much she hated her job and prayed for a better one. HELLO, God is about to bless you with a better job. And He did, too.

What about you?

Whatever problem you are facing today is about to bless you. I don’t care how bad it looks, with the right attitude and faith in God, that problem has no choice but to bless you.

Also the transition. Let’s talk about the transition that comes from moving into the promotion that God has for you. Transition is basically never easy. Transition to promotion can feel like a trial while you’re in the midst of it.

Let me tell you, I’m not exactly stoked to be painting shelves with only one choice of shoes and unbrushed hair (because I can’t find a hairbrush right now either). I kind of would rather be on a beach, suffering for Jesus in Hawaii somewhere (or just watching a movie).

Sometimes during transition, relationships can be strained and tested (Ever argued with your spouse or room-mate during a move? Ask me how I know this happens. Go ahead. Ask me.), you can feel like you’re being stretched further than you can go, and you are majorly inconvenienced because nothing is how you’re used to it being.

Transition stinks. Especially if you get caught up believing that your transition is a trial, or that things are only going to get worse. Transition takes us way outside our comfort zones and so does promotion. But when you remind yourself that transition is for a purpose, and that the end result is something better and more beautiful…. THEN you can link arms with Jesus and have FAITH for what is about to come your way.

If you’re in a season of transition that feels like a trial, or you’re facing a problem that you’re fairly certain is NOT a promotion: BE ENCOURAGED.


Trust God and be content where you are at. Lock eyes with Jesus, and worship until you get in that zone. You know what zone I’m talking about. That zone where nothing else seems to matter and it’s just you and Jesus. Get in that place of bliss with God. Once you get your peace on, you can tackle anything.

Don’t panic. Get your peace on and let’s do this. Take it one day at a time and walk in gratitude. Trust God. Believe that He’s working all things together for good.

Be Blissed!
Amber Picota

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  1. Henry Isaiah 7 months ago

    Great content Amber…Thanks

  2. Amanda 7 months ago

    Love this!! 💗💝💞

  3. Cindy Serrato 7 months ago

    Amber you are right on target. You are always a blessing. Be blessed.

  4. Janet 7 months ago

    Thank you for your encouragement. It was right on with me today! I just love the Holy Spirit! Lord bless! Janet

  5. Tammy Williams 5 months ago

    I first want to thank you personally for sharing this.I am so overwhelmed right now. When I read this,this so describes me and my whole family right now .As I read it ,I read with all the emotions I had been feeling and you wrote this as if you wrote it to me,thank you Amber,thank you God!!! As I continued reading I cried,I laughed,I felt the emotions Amber put into her words as I read,so many emotions from her pain I felt.Thank you so much,you have made my day better, I have a different prospective. I pray for us to be moving and buying a house one day too.I will keep my faith (I do everyday),knowing that a good father holds me.God Bless you and with all my gratitude and to all God be the glory,thank you.

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