When God Calls You to Write a Book

When God Calls You to Write a Book
I’m often contacted by friends and people I don’t even know, because they know I’m a writer, and they feel God calling them to write a book. If you are someone who God is calling to write a book, this article is for you.
In this article I would like to compile my very best writing advice for people who want to quickly get their book written, instead of putting it off for years and years.

Procrastinating can be very tempting, because often times people simply don’t know where to start. I’d like to help you with that by sharing what has worked for me, as a published writer of one book.

I’m currently working on two more books but at the moment I am procrastinating writing my books by writing this blog.

That makes total sense, right? Yes, I knew you would understand.

My Best Advice on Writing a Book

A. Stop putting it off. Get busy today. Even if you only can invest 30 minutes into the process, start ASAP while you’re still feeling inspired.
B. Begin your FRAMEWORK. 
C. Don’t stop writing or get distracted halfway through.
Think about the way a house is built. A house doesn’t get built in a day, or even a week. There is order to the process of house building. For example you can’t lay the carpet before you’ve laid a foundation. You can’t hang drywall without first having framework in place.
Some of the same concepts apply to writing a book.

Building the Framework of Your Book

  1. Do a brainstorm for potential titles.Come up with a list of at least 3 – 7 titles that will possibly work for your book.Remember that these don’t have to be perfect, and none of these titles have to be the one you actually go with. You may get a better idea halfway through writing your book but if you have this list it will give you something to springboard off of.You can ask friends for help with coming up with clever titles. When I wrote my book I posted in several Facebook groups and on my timeline what the summary of my book was and asked for title ideas. It was SUPER helpful.
  2. Write a summary of what you want the book to be about.This will give you a launching pad for you to know the overall direction you want to go with your book. It’s also something that you will end up pulling into your recollection when people ask you what your book is about. Lastly, it will be necessary if you’re submitting your book idea as a proposal to a publisher.
  3. Make a list of all the topics, stories, or ideas that you want to make sure you cover in your book.This list can be your temporary chapter titles. Create a file on your computer for each chapter/topic that you plan to write on. This is actually going to make it easier for you to keep your ideas straight. If one morning you wake up with the idea to include a story about something that happened to you once, you simply pull up the chapter title that the story fits in, and write it up.Also this is going to be helpful for when inspiration hits and you’re really feeling inspired to write about a particular topic. You can easily find the chapter that you are feeling the inspiration to write in and get busy, when you have organized your topics in such a way.Many people use Microsoft Word to submit their final draft to their publisher or editor, but when I’m still in the writing process, I prefer to utilize either Evernote or Google Docs to keep my notes and rough drafts straight. Both of these will also allow you to share it with someone, for example an editor.

Sticking It Out

Once you get started, set reminders on your phone daily (consistently) to remind yourself to take the time to write some each day. If you want to write a book, you can’t just give up halfway through. It will take consistency to get the book written that God has called you to write.

Other random advice:

  • Do the research you need to do to make sure your writing is credible and accurate.
  • Even if you’re self publishing, make sure you hire a professional editor and graphic designer. You don’t want poor grammar, and crappy cover to scream “I SELF PUBLISHED!”
  • Use voice to text to record a brilliant idea or something very clever into your notes app on your phone, even if you’re at the grocery store or gym. You can write it into your book later but if you don’t get it written down you will likely forget the exact wording.
  • Take a writing vacation where you disconnect from the whole world, maybe rent a cheap hotel room and just write for the whole entire weekend.
I hope this blesses your life and gives you the swift kick in the rear that you need in order to get started writing your book today.
Be blissed!

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  1. Clair Hasenkamp 2 months ago

    This article is EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for! God’s perfect timing!

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