Break off religious traditions that keep women trapped in legalism!

Are you ready to move beyond Christian clichés that minimize a woman’s true position in Christ?

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Shortly after I became a Christian in 2006, I realized that I just wasn’t your typical “church lady”. Deep inside I knew that God was calling me to do amazing things, even though that went against what most people I knew believed, claiming that women weren’t cut out for leadership.

I was loud and bold, yet the Christians I knew claimed that women were supposed to be quiet and submissive. I clearly just did not fit the description of a good little Christian lady.

I began to study scripture, and the deeper I dug, the more I was pleasantly surprised. Turns out, maybe tradition and legalism were wrong about some things. Maybe all along, God has been a bigger supporter of women than I had ever imagined, and I had simply been misinformed.

Perhaps the heart of God has always been to empower women to do really amazing things. I understand the feelings of frustration and sometimes even confusion that can happen as a result of all the strange teachings circulating in Christian culture that limit women, especially surrounding the topics of:

    • Dating vs. Courting
    • Purity, Modesty, and Biblical Authenticity 
    • The Cost of Trailblazing 
    • Submission in Marriage
    • Beauty, Confidence, and Authenticity 

I’ve been there too, confused and frustrated because none of the explanations I had ever heard made any sense. Some of the teachings and books that I read along my journey were like trying to put a puzzle together without all the pieces, blindfolded.

However I kept pressing into God, and digging deeper into scripture, because I kept finding hidden treasure in the Bible. I want to pass along to you the things God showed me that caused me to cry tears of joy. Many of which were spelled out plainly right there in my Bible, after all these years, yet God began to reveal to me the meaning like never before! God has a call on your life, yet the traditions of man, along with bad teaching on some misunderstood scripture stand like a huge obstacle in front of you.

I’m Amber Picota; a pastor, a wife, and a mother. I have studied the Bible for years, using historical contextual hermeneutics, in order to teach others how to understand how the whole Bible applies to our lives today. I enjoy teaching, preaching, reading and writing with the purpose of equipping people to walk into their God-given calling. 

Above all I'm a daughter of God. I love being God's Warrior Princess. It's the best part of being me.

There are so many teachings, traditions, “unwritten rules” circulating in Christianity that are downright unbiblical.

The only way to know what the Bible really states is to push aside what we think we know, and begin to allow Holy Spirit to guide us through the Bible with fresh eyes.​

Are you ready to:

  • Walk in freedom power so that you can advance the Kingdom 
  • Hold your head high, without shame or self-hatred after understanding God's truth concerning your identity
  • Understand with clarity, what the Bible has to say about women as leaders and equals so that you can lead effectively
  • Discover the freedom and beauty of the New Covenant by learning how God's grace can restore your life
  • Live an authentic, abundant life as a confident Christian fulfilling the vision that God has for your life
  • Smash the obstacles that are keeping God’s daughters from leading

This book is a hammer that will demolish every argument that minimizes a women's true position in Christ!  

Imagine with me, a mighty hammer crushing down, demolishing the obstacles preventing God’s daughters from stepping out into all that He has called them to! Can you see the ladies, both young and old, stepping forward to take their rightful places, ruling and reigning as co-heirs of God’s Kingdom?

This book is that hammer. I am placing a hammer in your hands, because God has a plan for your life, and no obstacle will stand in the way of what God is about to do through you. This book is setting captives who have been held prisoner by superstition, tradition and manmade religion, FREE.

This book is not like any other book that already exists, and I would know since I’ve read so many, in all my years of research. God’s Feminist Movement is not a political book, but it will rock your world and open your eyes to the beauty and splendor of what God is doing and has done through women, throughout the ages.

What People Are Saying...

Patricia King,
Apostolic Leader of Women on the Frontlines, Founder of Women in Ministry Network (WIMN)

“Amber Picota’s book, God’s Feminist Movement is a tool He will use in this hour to reveal His plans. Amber shares from her heart the very things God has illuminated to her concerning His agenda to raise up His Women for such a time as this. She shares stories and personal testimonies that many who read this book will relate to. She addresses religious mindsets and adjusts distorted theologies concerning women. I believe this book will liberate many to serve the Lord with passion and confidence in their calling.”

"I think of Jairus’ daughter being raised from the dead. She was lifeless and without motion. Jesus said, “Little girl, I say to you, arise” (Mark 5:41 NKJV)… and she did! Jesus is heralding a command from the heavens at this very or, “Women of God arise” …and we will… you will- for His glory."

Leah Valenzuela, Musical Artist
Bethel Church, Redding

“Amber has done an exceptional job at communicating what it is to be a strong, passionate and powerful woman. She uses not only a wealth of personal experience but a strong biblical foundation to help guide you through what a true feminist movement should look like. I believe this book will help to break down common misconceptions in today's society concerning feminism as well as inspire many woman on their personal journey. ”

Doug Addison, InLight Connection

"I have been hearing God speaking about a new movement arising in the Church today as God is anointing and promoting women in positions of greater authority and in leadership. This is a fulfillment of the prophecy mentioned in Acts 2:18. This is happening right now. Amber Picota hit this on the head in her book, God's Feminist Movement. Get ready to cross over into a new era as woman take their rightful place in advancing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Dr. Jonathan Welton, Welton Academy

“Amber Picota's book is raw, real and revelatory, just like Amber herself. Many books take one topic and drag the reader through 150 pages, but not this one! Here we find many varied topics addressed swiftly and clearly. Prepare to be challenged and to grow into more kingdom truth.

Sierra White, Destiny Image Publishers

"Finally!!!! This book explains why being a feminist and a Christian is totally doable and even Biblical without getting into man hating and anger. This book is wonderful and carries some strong empowerment for women to take on the roles God has given them (whether that is being a mom, a pastor, a full-time worker, a house wife, a teacher, a missionary, whatever!) not that society has placed on them."

Celebrate the power and beauty of womanhood. God has given you permission to change the world—by being you!

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